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DBT Aftershare

Aftershare!  Keep hope and resilience strong!

Continue to learn and grow with valuable support from trained DBT peer professionals.  

Aftercare can be essential to continue to use the learned skills. Many of us have taken DBT and start using it and then fall off because we are not engaged in the community and we need support on a regular basis to be skillful and gain beneficial support from peers/professionals.

We are currently developing a program for those who have completed a DBT course that is at least 12 weeks long and can confidently say they have learned the core skills.  This group will be an aftercare/share/post grad group.  It will be a combination psychoeducational and process group.  There will be checkins and checkouts each group and some weeks we will have specific themes and other weeks we will let themes develop from the group.  The group will be very much a collaborative process.  As members attend and bring forward ideas and themes we will then bring support to the group in the form of activities, videos and fun interactive exercises.   Aftercare/share is difficult to find and is a crucial part of staying on top of using our skills.   Getting continued support helps us to manage our behaviours such as self harm, eating disorder, substance use and other life harming behaviours.  Each group will have 2 peer facilitators who are trained in DBT.  Overall the program is run by a registered social worker who will be in attendance for many of the groups.  Staying in touch with peers will greatly enhance your ability to stay well and be empowered by others who are leading positive, healthy lives by example.  Keep up your skills and your mental health and join us for our aftershare group!

Aftershare will run once per month to start with the plan of offering it twice per month on the 2nd and 4th thursday evening each month at 7pm to 8:30pm.  From March until May we will run the program once per month on the first thursday each month from 7pm to 8:30pm.

We are very conveniently located in the Danforth and Chester area.

We do our best to maintain accessible programs and our cost reflects our commitment.  This course will require you to sign up and pay for a minimum 5 class pass to start.  The program will be sold in class passes of 5/10 and 20.  Cards will be issued and punched each group you attend.  This way you stay committed to your goal of attending and working effectively on your continued health and wellness.

This program is available to anyone who has taken a DBT course for at least a 12 week period and can confidently say they know the skills. At some point we will have a refresher course / test that will be required for those who have not taken the Dialectical Living course.

Stay tuned for information about the refresher program. Click here to get your name on a list for our refresher program.

Each group will cost $35.00 however a discount will be applied to the 10 and 20 class pass.

3 Class Pass = $105.00

5 Class pass = $175.00 – As an incentive the first 30 people to sign up can purchase a 5 class pass for the cost of a 3 class pass.  Sign up below.

10 Class pass = $320.00 ($32.00/group

20 Class pass = $600.00  ($30.00/group)

Click here to sign up:

We are starting on March 22nd, 2018



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