DBT course for those with ED starts on Sept 10th; Family workshop series "Compassion and Chaos" runs first thursday of each month : Advanced in person class starts on October 10th : Advanced Online DBT starts on September 25th

DBT 200 Advanced DBT

Prerequisite: DBT 100 Introduction to DBT

Now that you have learned the DBT basics it’s time to expand your knowledge and skillset! DBT 200 takes what you learned in DBT 100 and shows you advanced ways to use your DBT skills as well as providing you with brand new skills. DBT 200 offers more opportunities for skill practice, self-reflection, and group discussion to support your continued learning of DBT.

DBT 200 will cover the following topics:

Advanced Dialectics
Diary Cards
Advanced Mindfulness
Cognitive Distortions
Modulating Emotional intensity & Assertive Communication
Advanced Interpersonal Effectiveness
Opposite to Emotion Action
Advanced Validation
Values & Boundaries
Healthy Relationships

DBT 200 runs weekly over a 12 week period and is offered online and as an in-person group located close to Chester Subway station and Danforth Ave. in Toronto, Ontario

Look to “Cost” page under “Courses” to see cost.

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