DBT course for those with ED starts on Sept 3rd; Family workshop series "Compassion and Chaos" runs first thursday each month with Free summer workshops! : Online/Advanced in the falls TBD

Introductory Skills Group

DBT Skills Group: Introduction to DBT

Intro to DBT is the prerequisite for all other courses. We teach DBT in an interactive/fun group.  We use powerpoint presentations, videos, role plays, break out groups, games, and group discussions. There are opening and closing mindfulness and take home practices each week.  The group is taught by many people in the health care field (social workers, psychologists, peer support workers, mental health nurses) who also have lived experience with BPD or family members with BPD and many of us also have teaching backgrounds – a great combination. The same course is taught using the same work book/home practices to families.  We have a persons with BPD group and a separate group for families bringing families together who have loved ones with Emotion Regulation Disorder (BPD) Twelve weekly sessions as follows:

  • Introduction: What is Borderline Personality Disorder (“ERD/BPD”); and DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills); Mindfulness
  • Introduction to Mindfulness: Wise Mind, What Skills, How Skills, & Non-judgmental Stance
  • Introduction to Distress Tolerance: ACCEPTS (Activities, Contributing, Comparisons, Emotions, Pushing Away, Thoughts, Sensations)
  • Self Care; Self-sooth using Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, Movement
  • Introduction to Validation
  • IMPROVE (Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, Relaxation, One thing in the moment, Vacation, Encouragement) the Moment, replacing a negative event with a more positive one.
  • Pros and Cons – pros and cons of acting impulsively and not acting impulsively
  • Radical Acceptance including acceptance exercises observing your breath, half-smile and awareness
  • Turn the mind
  • Willingness and willfulness
  • Willing hands
  • Intro to DEAR MAN – Learn to meet your objectives and maintain healthy relationships with DEAR (MAN, GIVE, and FAST)
  • Skills Consolidation and Review; Introduction to Advanced Courses

Contact us at info@dialecticalliving.ca or call 647-573-3287 or register for our next group HERE


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