DBT course for those with ED starts on April 18th; Family workshop series "Compassion and Chaos" runs first thursday each month: Online DBT starting May 8th; Advanced DBT starts on May 21st


DBT Courses


For persons with emotion dysregulation:

Intro to DBT- April 18th, 2019 – August 8th, 2019 – Click here to sign up (Spaces fill up quickly) – This group will skip the first thursday of each month as we host family night (families/friends of those loved ones with ED challenges) separately on these nights as for interested family members we recommend attending these workshops so that you may learn some of the same skills your loved ones are learning.  (See Compassion in Chaos series below to sign up)


For Families of persons with emotion dysregulation: For more information about family program click here (to register click below)

Compassion in Chaos Series – see our line up of workshops and Register here:



Advanced DBT Course for persons with ERD: Pre-requisite is Intro to DBT (see below for requirements)

Click here for DBT 200 – Advanced DBT for persons with ERD -  May 21st, 2019  – This course is for those who have taken an Intro DBT course within the last 1 year (should be 12 weeks or more) and for those who have not done the Dialectical Living intro to DBT program within the last year or who have done your program elsewhere we require that you complete a short refresh online – Link to be supplied upon registration and there is a minimal cost of $49.00 - Starting May 14th, 2019


Online Intro to DBT Course:

Click here to for online course: We have scheduled it to start on May 8th 1pm to 3pm 



School of DBT – Do anytime!!!  From the comfort of your own home

Click here if you would like to start our new online do at your own pace course called “Navigating Trauma”

Click here to see Cost for all our courses.



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Dialectical Living at Mindfest 2019


DBT Training with Shelley McMain – UofT School of Social Work and CAMH

Shelley McMain and Dialectical Living 6

Driving home the skills!


Try on your wise mind!

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Dialectical Living at Addiction Concert in Washington DC – Unite to Face Addiction Oct. 4th 2015 – The day the silence ends!

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