Next DBT 100 Program starts on December 7th

DBT for Families and Friends

Family and friends can feel helpless when a loved one is experiencing extreme emotions and not know where to turn for support of their own. Understanding emotion dysregulation/borderline personality disorder is important in order to understand our loved ones who are struggling. It’s extremely important for families to learn DBT and other important skills and knowledge in supporting a loved ones recovery and success. Recovery is a journey for everyone involved. Families learning DBT skills can learn new ways of coping with their own feelings in order to be effective, lead by example and in moments of intense emotions can help loved ones remember useful skills to use in stressful situations. In these workshops you will learn all of the core DBT skills if you come consecutively each month.  These skills are the same skills as your loved ones learn and in addition many important tools and techniques in a pick and choose format to support families.  

In our “Compassion in Chaos” series we bring hope and encouragement to families/friends teaching half day/nightly workshops in many important areas including but not limited to:

  • Understanding Addiction and other behaviours in your loved one (and yourself if applicable)
  • Advanced Validation techniques – How to deescalate your loved one and yourself
  • What is DBT and how does it work
  • What is borderline personality disorder – what to look for
  • What is wise mind and how do i get there
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills – how to get your needs met
  • How to develop loving kindness in your life for yourself and your relationships
  • Radical acceptance
  • Emotion regulation as part of healthy living
  • Self care to reduce burnout
  • How to tolerate distress
  • Using meditation to reduce stress
  • How to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • and more

These workshops run on Monday evenings.


Dialectical Living at Mindfest


DBT Training with Shelley McMain – UofT School of Social Work and CAMH

Shelley McMain and Dialectical Living 6

Driving home the skills!