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DBT 200 Advanced DBT

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Prerequisite: DBT 100 with Dialectical Living OR have taken a 12wk DBT program at a recognized DBT Clinic within the last 2 years to be familiar with all of the basic DBT skills under all 4 modules..

Renew, Recharge, Revive!  Now that you have learned the DBT basics it’s time to expand your knowledge and skill set! DBT 200 takes what you’ve learned and shows you advanced ways to use your DBT skills and provides you with brand new skills. DBT 200 offers more opportunities for skill practice, self-reflection and group discussion to support your continued learning of DBT. We pride ourselves on making learning DBT fun and interactive.

DBT 200 ONLINE is a weekly 12-week program covering the following topics:

1) Dialectics and Walking the Middle Path: How to resolve inner and outer conflict by allowing opposing  realities to peacefully co-exist

2) Diary Cards and Chain Analysis: How to track our use of skills and analyze our crisis moments to avoid them in the future

3) Understanding Emotions: What are the characteristics of different emotions? How to look at what might be underneath, driving some of our toughest behaviours and feelings.

4) Mindfulness of Current Emotions: How to allow our difficult emotions to be present without judgment and reactivity; how to ride the “wave” of intense emotion as an observer

5) Checking the Facts, Opposite Action and Problem Solving: How to question our automatic assumptions and determine whether to act opposite to a strong urge or feeling or to solve a real-world problem

6) Mindfulness of Others and Advanced DEARMAN: How to bring mindfulness to our relationships and practice the DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness skills at a more advanced level

7) Advanced Validation: How to truly validate the emotions of another human being: an in-depth practice session with the 6 levels of Validation

8) Mindfulness of Current Thoughts: How to allow our difficult thoughts to come and go without reacting to them

9) Advanced Reality Acceptance: How to cultivate the deep acceptance of ourselves and reality that will paradoxically free us up for radical change and letting go

10) Healing from Invalidation and Deepening Self-Validation: How to begin healing the deep wounds of an invalidating experience or environment; The soothing power of self-validation

11) DBT for Addictions of All Kinds: How to beat addiction. Whether or not you struggle with substance use, this session will help you to reduce or eliminate any unskillful coping habit

12) Complete Skills Review and Grad Ceremony: A complete review of our 24-week program so you leave with your DBT toolbelt refreshed, ready to live more skillfully! As well, a grad celebration for you and your peers’ incredible accomplishments.

Next DBT200 group coming up soon:

DBT200: Thursdays starting July 11th, 2024 7pm to 9pm


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