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DBT for Clinicians

Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW is passionate about spreading the knowledge in the clinical community, doing experiential DBT trainings, caring for clinicians in varying points of caregiver burn out, helping with consultation teams and doing supervision.

Offering DBT in your practice is a wonderful step forward to give your clients a skills based modality that works!

Note about DBT in your organization or private practice: When doing intensive DBT, clinicians need to have consultation teams (or they are not to be considered as doing DBT). A consultation team is a team of clinicians, perhaps 3 to 8 persons is ideal, who get together regularly (bi-weekly) to discuss how their practice is going and particularly how their clients are doing. Assigning and documenting a number between 0 to 10 to measure burnout for every clinician each meeting is a good practice. Working with clients who struggle with emotion regulation, and often have BPD traits can be emotionally draining at times (and at times wonderfully rewarding!). We like to see clinicians be successful with their DBT clients.

Supervision with a well experienced clinician who specializes in DBT and particularly understands the disorder BPD comes highly recommended, especially when you are getting started, and as you grow your practice.

DBT Workshops can be done for your agency via online zoom telehealth in several formats customized to meet your training needs.

At Dialectical Living we believe in teaching the skills experientially. Be prepared to get your feet wet and learn the skills for you. You will be doing the home practice and using the skills in your life first before teaching them to others. This way you can speak from experience. If you are going to tell your clients to put their face in cold water to bring down their heart rate and anxiety by using the TIPP skill you yourself will have done it also! Our program may be online and it also has you up our of your seat at times practicing the skills like your clients would together as a team with colleagues beside you in a caring and comforting, safe environment. You may just do some healing yourself through the program and in that is the power of doing DBT!

Reach out to Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW to find out more about Consultation Teams, Supervision, when the next DBT experiential training is for clinicians and also information about bringing it into your organization or with you personally into your own private practice. Your clients will appreciate your new found skills!

Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW

julie@dialecticalliving.ca or at 647-573-3287 (DBTS)

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