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DBT for Couples

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This group is online via zoom sessions and is 12 – 2 hour sessions over a period of 12 weeks once per week.

Are you in a relationship with someone who has emotion dysregulation? Do you find it difficult to know what to say and how to de-escalate in times of distress?

Perhaps, you are a person who struggles with emotion dysregulation and wishes your partner understood you better and had skills like validation and interpersonal skills to help?

You are a supportive couple/partners interested to learn how to be effective and successful in your relationship.

Whether you are early on in your relationship or have been together for a longer period of time you will gain benefit from this program. Your relationship is worth it!

Learn DBT skills together! Our online Loved One/ Supporter group/DBT for Couples will help support you both with the skills to build a more positive, supportive and healthy relationship.

DBT helps with rumination, PTSD, trauma, reducing emotional pain and suffering, increasing abilities to handle distress, accepting reality and becoming more mindful in living in the moment without fear. DBT also helps those who may engage in self harm, eating disorder behaviour or substance use behaviours. With DBT we create a life worth living free from suffering, bringing more joy into our lives.

In our DBT for Couples group we focus on learning experientially the DBT core skills and in addition bringing in concepts from the book “High Conflict Couple” of Relationship Mindfulness and Accurate Expression. We pride ourselves on making learning DBT fun, interactive and engaging using many modes of learning including; videos, small group home practice teams, games, quizzes, small group discussions. meditations, DBT Charades and more. We promise a memorable experience and one where you will be practicing the skills together each week with given exercises that will keep you learning. Laughing, growing, sharing, and supporting each other through this process is precious in this unique DBT for Couples group. Join us and learn to experience your partner in new and loving ways. Perhaps it may just save your marriage/relationship from splitting up.

Facilitated by Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW. Julie is trained in family DBT skills both through NEABPD, Family Connections and CMBH “High Conflict Couples and DBT” as well as extensive training in facilitating DBT through CAMH, University of Toronto and the Linehan Institute/Behavoural Tech.

Our next group starts on June 25, 2024, 7pm to 9pm (12 Weeks). Click here to find out more and to sign up!

Learn DBT skills together!

Participants are over the age of 19 and we are LGBTQ1A+ friendly.

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