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One on One DBT Therapy

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Do you struggle with your emotions? Do you experience either intense emotions (e.g. guilt, sadness, anger) or suppressed emotions? Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has been demonstrated to help regulate emotions*.

DBT can help calm intense emotions, increase enjoyable emotions and experiences, decrease unhelpful behaviours and coping strategies, and foster and improve relationships.

DBT Individual Therapy is a part of “full DBT” which offers group, individual therapy and phone coaching. In order to do one on one therapy one MUST also be registered in our skills group as they go together.  Marsha Linehan developed the DBT model in this way.  Group is first and foremost the bulk of the skills learning. One on one therapy is about tracking your progress and noticing patterns between emotions and behaviours and phone coaching is brief targeted calls/texts (24/7) in a moment of distress/crisis to get help with skills use and reinforcement.

Diary cards are used for tracking and they are expected to be filled out each day and sent to your one on one therapist prior to your session. Between your therapist and yourself you would come up with target behaviours. These are behaviours you want to decrease or eliminate and are the goal of the one on one therapy.

Here is a sample of a diary card:

Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW

* Studies on DBT have shown decreased anger, depression, hopelessness and anxiety, and improved functioning in social, emotional, cognitive, and occupational domains.

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