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Your Privacy

We use Zoom for Health Care Professionals “Zoom Telehealth” and other systems to keep you safe and secure

Nasty things in the news about Zoom bombing where unwanted content shows up out of no where. I would like to ensure DL clients that there are controls in zoom that keep things safe and many people do not know zoom well enough. Therefore they do not know what to check and un-check in order to keep their meetings and clients secure. In the business of healthcare, privacy is critical to the client/practitioner relationship, Now it’s not just about trusting that your therapist has good ethics and practices it is also about trusting in their video conferencing product choices. Dialectical Living takes privacy seriously and has ensured clients are safe and secure in many ways not only for online but also for hard copy files and hand written notes. We use several systems to manage data securely including our clinical system “Owl Practice”, a Canadian product which is PHIPA compliant. We don’t keep any hard copy notes lying around in the clinic or at home. They are either scanned and uploaded to our Owl system then shredded and/or locked in a locked cabinet following again compliance regulations put out by the Ontario College of Social Workers. We love the work we do and your experience is important to us both from the front end which you see to the back end which is our job to manage for you. We hope that this eases any minds who have been inundated this week with online privacy issues. We ensure you that those issues are not ours. Thank you for your trust.

Here is the Zoom for telehealth guidelines document

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