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About Us

Recognizing the extreme need for services, Dialectical Living was formed in 2011 to provide Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills and support to those in need. We have now over 14 years experience reducing the needless suffering for many by offering more options to acquire skills learning and support with trained professionals who have lived experience. We strive to create a safe environment to learn and grow. Our mission is to enable those who struggle with emotion regulation and their families and friends a better quality of life; as Marsha Linehan says “a life worth living”.  We pride ourselves on making our services as accessible and obstacle free as possible; geographically, financially, and no referral or diagnosis required.

We are a group of health care professionals who are passionate about helping others and teaching and using DBT skills. Each of us have lived experience in addition to health care backgrounds and have been touched by emotion dysregulation either ourselves and/or have lived or worked with others who have challenges. We are Social Workers, Social Service Workers, Mental Health and Addiction counsellors and Peer Support workers who are leading successful lives using DBT skills.  We are family members, friends and/or loved ones overcoming emotion regulation challenges for ourselves and our families using DBT skills.

We hope to exceed your expectations with quality learning and support.  We pride ourselves on making DBT learning a fun, interactive, engaging and a supportive learning experience.

What Are People Saying?

“The set of courses offered by a Dialectically Living are a great resource. It’s not just for those with a diagnosis of BPD. Any human who has emotions could benefit from this course.”

“Elizabeth is very good at guiding the meditations I become so relaxed even with 2 cats and a 7 year old on my tail”

“I am really falling in love with DBT this semester (…) Very calming and reassuring and great meditation sessions -they are done so well-and I love seeing how people are opening and responding”

“I highly recommend Dialectical Living courses. Facilitators are excellent and material helps you grow in DBT skills.”

“I have received an immense amount of value from attending these sessions”

“My daughter melted down this morning and I had more compassion for her than ever before because of what I learned”

“I was very impressed by all the hard work put in by the organizers”

“For the first time in 3 years I actually felt like things will be okay”

“Thank you so much for this amazing course! It has made such a huge difference in my life. The skills are incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to improve relationships”

“I would recommend the mindfulness skills to anyone who has a loved one with any mental illness not just BPD”

“Julie is the “Marsha of the north”!”

“Thanks for your understanding and the time you put in to talk to me. People like you light up our dark world. “

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