DBT for Partners/Couples back by popular demand starts January 11th, 2023 Your relationship is WORTH it!

FREE DBT Aftercare Support Group

Dialectical Living wants to support you in using your skills and making them a lifelong habit!

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Family DBT Group

In this series families learn important skills and DBT tools toward improving family connections and to help decrease pain and suffering for everyone

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School of DBT

Check out our new course selection of do at your own pace DBT courses

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Watch our BPD Month 2021 webinar here

Our Executive Director drives home the skills!

DBT skills

You are not alone..  DBT Works!  Let us tell you in 3 short minutes what DBT can do for you!

Dialectical Living is now offering all of it’s programs ONLINE: groups, workshops, family groups, drop-ins, free DBT groups and one on one therapy ONLINE! We are excited to continue during this time of Covid 19 to teach DBT.  There has never been a time when these skills can come in so very helpful.

We are very unique providing a professional DBT program run by professionals with lived experience.  The professional peer workers “prosumers” at Dialectical Living are community members who help program participants with similar life experiences learn new skills. We are social workers, addiction counsellors, social service workers and/or peer support workers. We are professional peers passionate to help others. Our unique combination offers an unparalleled learning experience.

Our approach is strength based, community and recovery focused.  Our mandate is to provide accessible and accommodating DBT programs that fit different budgets, flexible schedules, have few restrictions, require no diagnosis and are anti-stigma,anti-oppressive and LGBTQ friendly.

What is lived experience? A person has lived experience when he or she has a mental health history or has a loved one with with such a history.

If you would like to meet the team please visit our About Us page.

Dialectical Living provides dialectical behaviour therapy or “DBT” to people with emotion regulation challenges in the form of 12 – 24 once per week group sessions. If you would like to learn more about DBT, please visit our DBT page.

Would you be a good fit for DBT?

Dialectical Living does not have requirements in terms of diagnoses and is self referral. Our only criteria is to have have challenges regulating emotions.  If you would like to learn more about emotion regulation, please visit our BPD/ERD/ What is Emotion Dysregulation page. If you’re still unsure about your fit to our group, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have difficulties maintaining relationships maybe some/all of your relationships are fraught with intense feelings of judgement, fears of abandonment and rejection?
  2. Do you idealize and devalue your close relationships?  This means you love someone one minute and hate them the next.
  3. Do you think in black and white?
  4. Do you have difficulties with substance use, self-harm, disordered eating and/or overspending?
  5. Have you ever felt suicidal? Maybe you think about killing yourself sometimes/often?
  6. Do you have difficulties working or going to school?
  7. Do you experience dissociation?  These are times when you lose time or you feel out of your body.
  8. Do you experience emotional pain more than others in your life?  It may seem like you are super sensitive to the emotional touch.
  9. Do you have intense feelings when small things go wrong?
  10. Do you feel that every day catastrophic things happen in your life?
  11. Do you find that you take things really personally like when your friend cancels a dinner and you feel that they are cancelling because of something you did/said?
  12. Do you wish you were more independent in your life; feeling like you are self sufficient in your day to day activities?
  13. Do you feel negative a lot of the time and/or worry about bad things happening?
  14. Do you have negative feelings about yourself and others?  Maybe you have some self hatred or loathing?
  15. Have you been on a wait-list for psychiatric treatment?
  16. Do you want to learn dialectical behaviour therapy skills?
  17. Are you looking for support from people with lived experience?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then Dialectical Living would be a good fit for you! Our “Intro to DBT” psychoeducational group will teach you skills to address any of the challenges mentioned above. If you would like to learn more about our groups, events or individualized therapy please visit our Registration or Drop-Ins page.

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FREE Coping with Covid using DBT Skills, an online do at your own pace program, now available for sign ups! Learn specific distress tolerance skills to help you manage during these difficult times. Develop a self care plan, decrease intensity of emotions and learn how to make a distress tolerance box with Cassey. Be inspired, informed, humoured and accepting in this fun interactive program developed by Rachel Ginsberg, MSW, RSW and Julie Hayden, MSW, RSW and the incredible talking dog, Cassey, from Cassey Cares
Woman yelling with her hands in wide above her head; spirals of distress radiating from her head and hands.
Do you have some DBT skills? Perhaps you have taken a previous group with us or elsewhere? Come out and join us for our FREE DBT Aftercare Support group.
Don’t have any DBT yet? Don’t fret, we have options to help including a DBT Foundations Surf and Refresh do at your own pace program and upcoming full live facilitated online DBT programs.
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Dialectical Dispatches (Check out our blog!)

Our Team Paint Night December 2021!

Dialectical Living at Mindfest 2019


DBT Training with Shelley McMain – UofT School of Social Work and CAMH

Shelley McMain and Dialectical Living 6

Driving home the skills!

Try on your wise mind!

wise mind

Dialectical Living at Addiction Concert in Washington DC – Unite to Face Addiction Oct. 4th 2015 – The day the silence ends!