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Colouring Book

Pre-order our new colouring book!  “Colour Me Skillful” Using DBT to help regulate emotions.All the amazingly creative artists are those who have been touched by emotion regulation disorder.  They have created these images with passion and courage and thoughtfulness about the wellness of those who will colour in it.

This book will be beneficial for both new and practicing DBT clients.  It will include written text with each image on what the skill is and how to use it.  It will include some information on what DBT is and how DBT works.  Solidifying the learning process and adding some fun mindful colouring together with DBT will add to the successful outcomes of those who do DBT.  We hope you are as excited about this book as we are.  If you have any questions or want to comment please email me at

**Some Colouring books will be distributed to agencies free of charge.  If you are an agency who services mental health clients this book will be available to you to provide your clients.  Please put the name and address of your agency on the form below.

Colouring books will be available on Amazon and with other book retailers.  (price not known yet)

Click here to put your name/agency on the list.  You will be notified when the book is available and how you can purchase it.  If you are an agency you will receive the colouring books soon after we have them.

Examples of images you will see in the book!

wise mind

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