Next DBT100 Intro course starts on January 30th, 2020 - Family workshop series "Compassion and Chaos" runs first thursday of each month : Advanced DBT200 in person class starts on October 24th : DBT200 Online DBT starts on October 9th: Check out our "DBT Flippy Cards" now available on Amazon!


IN PERSON CLASSES (All classes are in the Danforth and Chester area)

DBTS 100 – Introduction to DBT for persons with ERD/BPD 12 week course

Cost is $699.00 for 12 sessions (Early bird is $649.00 and there are 5 spots for this price at a first come first served basis)

We accommodate 2 spaces per session at a subsidized rate of half cost.  If funds are an issue please contact us as we may be able to accommodate you now or in the future. 

Workshops for families of persons with ERD/BPD - Compassion in Chaos series

Cost in some cases is variable. Usually $50.00 + GST


DBTS 200 – Advanced DBT for persons with emotion dysregulation  - 12 weeks

Cost is $699.00 for 12 sessions (Early bird is $649.00 for 5 spots on a first come first served basis)



DBTS 100 – Introduction to DBT for  persons with ERD/BPD online (12 week course)

Cost is $525.00 with early bird $50 off (5 spots available at early bird first come first served)

To register for any of our courses above click here. 



  1. Navigating Trauma
  2. Interpersonal Mastery (coming soon)

JCost: Varies








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