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Happy New Year cheering our first Youtube Channel video!

Ari and Julie on New Years eve were not out yelling happy new year from the rooftops or standing on a table at the local bar as might blogs from long ago tell.  Although we did not have wine glasses in our palms we cheered the new year in a more spectacular way.  We did take after take after take (okay it did not take quite that many takes) and we produced something to remember 2015 by.  A video produced with passion and to promote courage for all those who struggle with emotion regulation to come forward and be freed from stigma.  Cheers to all the staff at Dialectical Living for another year of growth toward helping more people build lives worth living!  Cheers to Ari for bringing a breath of inspiration and sunshine to the team this year and to Kristen, Celeste and Laval who likewise continue to inspire me in their work and in their passion.  Cheers to Kristen, Melanie, Karen, Laval and myself for completing our intense DBT training this past year. Cheers to Lindsay and Linda et al who have provided encouragement and feedback.  Cheers to Shelley, Karen, Donovan, Ari, Karen, Kristen and Laval for their industriousness in developing and teaching content in our last course.  Cheers to the hope we all share for continued growth for DL and to helping more people in 2016!   We raise our virtual glasses.  Clink.


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