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“The set of courses offered by a Dialectically Living are a great resource. It’s not just for those with a diagnosis of BPD. Any human who has emotions could benefit from this course.”

– Past Participant

“Elizabeth is very good at guiding the meditations I become so relaxed even with 2 cats and a 7 year old on my tail”

– Past Participant

“I am really falling in love with DBT this semester (…) Very calming and reassuring and great meditation sessions -they are done so well-and I love seeing how people are opening and responding”

– Past Participant

“I have used a lot of the skills before, or parts of them, but never have I seen so many coping skills presented so well that I could understand and implement them and feel the effects both immediately and longer term. For example, one important take-away I have is: it’s possible to feel better! There are tonnes of ways I can accept what is, as well as gradually problem-solve, with the help of wise mind and reduced vulnerability to emotion mind. Also, I don’t have to do it all at once, I can gradually build my coping skills.”

– Past Participant

“When I first met DBT a decade ago, it harmonized well with my interest in mindfulness. Little did I know just how many other tools and treasures were awaiting my discovery! I’m a peer support worker who has been facilitating at DL for four years and more recently assisting with program development. What I love most about DBT is that it takes multiple proven therapeutic approaches and coordinates them into a grand symphony, adding unique motifs of its own.  Its incredible breadth also means that integrating DBT into one’s life can take a while. My advice is always to notice the gradient of progress, see it as an adventure, and give the skills time to re-wire these tricky brains of ours. This has been my personal approach”

– Elizabeth

“I highly recommend Dialectical Living courses. Facilitators are excellent and material helps you grow in DBT skills.”

– Past Participant

“I found that both the Intro to DBT and the Advanced program to be quite beneficial. I deeply feel that now I have the necessary skills to aid me in creating the life that I am supposed to be living in.”

– Past Participant

“Life changing course. Helped me understand why I am how I am and how to function better. Introduced me to other people who understand how I feel and are all seeking to better themselves. There IS a life worth living and with the skills and coping strategies you learn in DBT you can begin to create it for yourself.”

– Past Participant

“Restoring hope during troubled times is so, so difficult. The DBT group not only teaches useful and realistic skills for doing so, but also provides a safe and supportive group to share the learning with. Even online during the pandemic, which has not been the optimal format, the weekly group has given me a time to ground myself and work on being at peace, alongside people who understand at least some parts of my struggle. Group DBT is not like an insufferable group therapy stereotype. It does not judge our pain, and it does not judge BPD. I am so thankful that I live in a time and place where it has been available to me”

– Past Participant

“I cannot recommend the live-online courses at Dialectical Living enough. I completed DBT 100 and 200 and have come away with effective tools that I use to practice new skills and resources that help me in the moment as well as reinforce my new, positive and hopeful outlook on living a life worth living with ERD. I also found a supportive online community which was an incredible gift and surprise during a time of social distancing.”

– Past Participant

“Regardless of what walk of life you are from and how connected to your emotions and mindful you are, there is truly something in this course for everyone and I would recommend it to anyone as some of the skills can be applied to many aspects of life, business, etc.”

– Past Participant

“I have received an immense amount of value from attending these sessions”

– Nick P.

“My daughter melted down this morning and I had more compassion for her than ever before because of what I learned”

– Cathryn

I’m so proud of myself.  I have been binge eating and restricting for three years. My last binge was on October 29th and I am beyond determined to get to a full two weeks (keep in mind, I was binging 2+ times a week prior to beginning our course.) I have been fighting a binge since last night. So today, I went and bought and ate ONE cupcake to satisfy my craving. Not four, not six, ONE.  I ate it slowly, mindfully, and enjoyed every bite.  And now my urge to binge is gone.  Life was really hard for so long, and now it’s starting to get tangibly better. So thank you.”

– Anonymous

“I was very impressed by all the hard work put in by the organizers”

– Zahava L.

“For the first time in 3 years I actually felt like things will be okay”

– Caroline

“Thank you so much for this amazing course!  It has made such a huge difference in my life.  The skills are incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to improve relationships”

– family member

“I would recommend the mindfulness skills to anyone who has a loved one with any mental illness not just BPD”

– family member

“Thank you Julie and the DL team!  Your efforts to introduce me to DBT skills are extremely appreciated.  I feel I can better cope moving forward.  I had lost all hope that the future was bleak – now I have hope.”

– family member

Julie is the “Marsha of the north”!

– person with BPD

Cool DBT gal!

– Amanda, My Dialectical Life

“I can’t begin to tell you how much my work with my DBT Coach and our work together in group has impacted my life. The quality of my life has improved more than I could have ever hoped in such a short time. I’m definitely happier and calmer, mostly because I don’t feel so ashamed of engaging in behaviours which are destructive. I haven’t drank anything in two months and have already lessened my food episodes (Two food binges in one month!!! They used to be twice a week!) . I have received such genuine and hands on support from the entire team, and feel like I have been propelled into recovery. I know I still have work to do, but I have never felt like I have had such a handle on things. Ever.”

– Anonymous

Thanks for your understanding and the time you put in to talk to me. People like you light up our dark world. 

– Family Member

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