All of our groups are now ONLINE **NEW** Coping with Covid groups using DBT available for both persons with emotion dysregulation and their families

School of DBT

BPD/ERD/DBT and other Related courses in self paced program! Do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home!  Interactive, fun, informed and developed by healthcare practitioners with lived experience providing unparalleled support and a wonderfully unique understanding.

Currently we have the following online do at your own pace courses:

All of the following courses (below) are currently being developed.  We are looking for feedback on interest so as to help us prioritize our efforts.  Please fill out the following form and let us know what courses you will likely sign up for.  This list also ensures that you will be notified as soon as the course(s) are made available.

  • Interpersonal Mastery (Coming soon)
  • Addiction – What is it and how to overcome (Coming Soon)
  • BPD quick study (What is it and how to help – great course for anyone who wants to understand BPD in a non stigmatizing, compassion focussed and a strength based approach (Coming soon)
  • Validation tips and tricks (Invaluable/a must have for families/friends of persons with ERD) – Save your relationship now. Don’t wait.  For those who need help immediately on how to talk to your loved one without making the situation worse. (Coming Soon)



Dialectical Dispatches

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Dialectical Living at Mindfest 2019


DBT Training with Shelley McMain – UofT School of Social Work and CAMH

Shelley McMain and Dialectical Living 6

Driving home the skills!


Try on your wise mind!

wise mind

Dialectical Living at Addiction Concert in Washington DC – Unite to Face Addiction Oct. 4th 2015 – The day the silence ends!

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