Upcoming Workshops: June 19th - Mindfulness and Self Compassion | June 26th - Wise Mind game | July 3rd - Musical moments | Next Intro to DBT starts July 10th, 2018


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Upcoming Workshops

Facilitated by Julie Hayden, BSW, MSW, RSW, DBT Therapist, DBT Facilitator and Elizabeth Osel, DBT Facilitator and Chloe Rosemarin, DBT Facilitator

GREAT OFFER:  There has been a generous donation for some free tickets and some subsidized tickets for all 3 events.  You will see free tickets (5 tickets) and subsidy tickets $18.00 (10 tickets) when you sign up..  Sign up quick to secure these tickets!

One Night Intro to Mindfulness and Self Compassion.

Befriending Ourselves:  Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) was developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer to address the widespread human difficulties of debilitating self-criticism, how to attune to our own emotions, why we treat ourselves less kindly than we would a good friend, and the general question of how to get to know and befriend ourselves.  In this workshop we will: take the Self-Compassion Scale; understand the three basis of self-compassion; practice self-compassion with exercises you can continue in your daily life! 

Cost: $39.99 (see below for discount tickets now available) sign-up online under courses, workshops

Location: 371 Danforth Ave, Dream Yoga Dance Studio, Chester Subway Stn.



love birds mirror


DBT Wise Mind Game

Tuesday June 26th, 7pm-9:00pm

This awesome game will keep your DBT skills fresh, allow you to connect with others and inject some fun into your week. You will be using fun crafty supplies and in teams you will be building up your wise mind!

Cost: $39.99 sign-up online under courses, workshops

Location: 371 Danforth Ave, Dream Yoga Dance Studio, Chester Subway Stn.



Wise Mind 2


Guitarists, songwriters, and others – Musical mind - Musical Performances by Artists and emotion dysregulation

Tuesday July 3rd, 7pm-9pm

There will be a headlining duo performing songs about living with emotion dysregulation, followed by an acoustic open-mic. The studio has amazing acoustics! Let us know if you would like to perform!

Cost: $39.99 sign up online courses, workshops

Location: 371 Danforth Ave, Dream Yoga Dance Studio, Chester Subway Stn.



music moment

music workshop


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