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ALL programs are ONLINE.

Programs and Individual Therapy covered under most insurance plans who cover Registered Social Workers (MSW, RSW) and also a write off as a medical expense for your taxes. If you need an insurance receipt ask us when the group is over as insurance companies will only pay for the sessions once they have happened and they require receipts broken down by session.

Deciding on 12 or 24 week options for core program? Our Intro and Advanced are 12 weeks each. You can sign up for the 24 weeks upfront and save $200 on the cost of both or you can take the first 12 weeks and decide when you are finished if you want to go further. The research on efficacy shows that a 5 +month DBT program is recommended in order to really implement the skills. DBT as it was developed was originally meant to be a full 1 year program. In this format the content was first taught over a six month period and then the following six months was taught using the same content, methods etc. over again so that you get the benefit of running through twice. Many of our clients go through the course twice or go through the intro course twice before moving onto the advanced. I believe any amount of DBT is worth it and you are worth it!

Intro to DBT Programs for those who have challenges regulating emotions LIVE ONLINE:

Note: Choose 12 or 24 week option when signing up. You receive $200 off the cost of the full 24 week program by signing up in full at the outset.

Intro to DBT Online : March 12, 2024 – May 28, 2024 or Summer 2024 for 24 weeks Tuesday evenings 7-9pm EST

Intro to DBT Online : April 24 , 2024 – July 11, 2024 or Summer 2024 for 24 weeks Wednesday evenings 7-9pm EST

Advanced DBT Program for those with challenges regulating emotions LIVE ONLINE: 

NOTE:  Prerequisite is Intro to DBT (must have taken a 12 or more week DBT program within 2 years at a recognized DBT Clinic) and be familiar with all the basic skills under the 4 quadrants.

Advanced DBT Online 12 Weeks: April 25thJuly 11, 2024 Thursday evenings 7-9pm EST

DBT For Families of persons who have challenges regulating emotions LIVE ONLINE 

Compassion in Chaos Series – see our line up of workshops and Register here

DBT For Couples: Loved ones and their supporters: LIVE ONLINE

Do you have a partner or are part of a couple who is interested to become more effective in your relationship. DBT for couples is an excellent program for you to learn together! Click here for more info and to sign up

DBT for Couples Online 12 weeks: March 22, 2024 to June 28, 2024 Friday evenings 7 to 9pm

School of DBT – Do anytime ONLINE!  From the comfort of your own home “do at your own pace”

STAY TUNED – Interpersonal Mastery, Newly diagnosed, Vicarious Trauma, DBT Express for Families and many more courses to come!

Click here to see Cost for all our courses.

Free DBT Aftercare (only for those who have taken some DBT already)

DL wants to give back to the community and help clients to keep up with their skills during the Covid 19 crisis. Our distress tolerance skills will be coming in handy as will our PLEASE skills among others. Let’s get together and recall our skills, share, validate and support each other! This group will be run by social workers volunteering their time.

Please read here for more information and to sign up


Dialectical Living at Mindfest


DBT Training with Shelley McMain – UofT School of Social Work and CAMH

Shelley McMain and Dialectical Living 6

Driving home the skills!